Light -vs- Dark

You entered my life when I least
expected, and while I lived
In the light, your soul was
Wondering lost in the dark

We lived two different lives,
but expected the same out of it
You had given up, while I just
continue on with my hopes
Being so different but yet so alike
our souls united that night

Our love was like no other – it was
unique in its own way
But one day a dark cloud rolled in
and without giving it any importance
We both continue on living our life
together – until it shrugged our
love with tragedy

The cards have changed now,
I’m the one going into darkness
While you walked into the light
Not being able to be the same,
we went out our separated life
Wondering what’s going to happen
next – if destiny is going to play
A roll in our life’s once again or
if it has reached the end…

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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