Light -vs- Dark

You entered my life when I least
expected, and while I lived
In the light, your soul was
Wondering lost in the dark

We lived two different lives,
but expected the same out of it
You had given up, while I just
continue on with my hopes
Being so different but yet so alike
our souls united that night

Our love was like no other – it was
unique in its own way
But one day a dark cloud rolled in
and without giving it any importance
We both continue on living our life
together – until it shrugged our
love with tragedy

The cards have changed now,
I’m the one going into darkness
While you walked into the light
Not being able to be the same,
we went out our separated life
Wondering what’s going to happen
next – if destiny is going to play
A roll in our life’s once again or
if it has reached the end…

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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My friend

I don’t know how to start giving you
The news of the girl you once loved,
But who I know you still love deep down
Inside your confused heart

My friend, I saw her in tears this morning
Inside her bedroom and in her hands she held
A picture of you – her suitcase stood by
The door, she’s ready to walk out of your life

We both know how her love won your heart
That evening when you spoke to her
God has brought her into your life with a purpose
The both of you are meant to be together – forever

Only she understands your life better than any other
girl who has been in your life in the past – she
Understands it like if it was her very own life

My friend when did she ever left you alone?

You know she has always been there for you when you
needed a hug or when you were in search of true love
Someone who will listen when you cried your heart out

It was her who was around to listen and who with a smile
wiped away those tears from your face

The girl comfort you, my friend,
Have you forgotten that night when she asked you
“What do you truly feel inside your heart?”

Are you going to let her leave your life?
Are you willing to lose her and end up regretting it
your entire life?

Don’t be a coward to show her what you feel . . .

And my friend, forget what others might think.

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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Another episode in my life

When I thought I had found the one who my life I will be spending years of love

Its when it all starts to fall apart

Whatever went wrong? what have I said for all this to happen?

Its just another love build in a poor foundation, a love that he once said he felt for me

I just asked him a simple question its not for him to feel defensive

But he stood there like a knight with his sword & armor ready for a battle

to defend whatever he was hiding behind him

I’ve come to think he must have a good darn reason to defend what’s behind

and I should just walk away

Because I will understand like I did years ago, it’s an old episode that I’ve already lived

and I know what I should do…

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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