Giving a second chance

There are moments in life that we end up regretting the things we do or say
But the only thing he regrets doing the most was not
Showing her how much he loved her & how much she meant to him
He just didn’t know how to appreciated the time that was giving
To him when he had her close

It’s true what those who once were loved & lost their love said;
“ You don’t know what you have until you lose them ”
He was a fool to not notice the value of her true love
For now, he finds himself alone in this world, walking through the
Cold and dark streets trying to understand that heart of his
But he just can’t seem to figure out why he did such a thing

Why he made her shatter so many tears?
Caused her all those pain…
Pushed her away…

If he remembers being in love with her, deeply! in love with her, I should say
And no, there’s no other woman in his life – no other has taken his
Heart, he just fell out of love
It just got to a point where he feared love, feared that it wasn’t
Meant for him – so he let everything fade away

But now that it’s been almost a year since he lost her
Life has given him a second chance to say and show her the things
He never did in the past & which he should be thankful for that
Because not all of us get a second chance

So think well before you speak and pay close attention to your
Actions before you hurt the one you say you truly love
And if you have time, step back and see what you’ve done wrong.

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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Before I go

There I am alone inside my room laying on the bed
I close my eyes and start to feel my body getting weaker and there I was, looking down on
my own body gasping for air
Oh, my…
I’m dying slowly and nobody knows that I will be leaving their life’s this February night

Jesus, blow into my lungs another breath of life before
I go to let my family and friends how much I love them
That I’d waited for them in heaven’s loving light and there’s no need for them to cry
after I am gone, for I will be with you and the memories of me will stay with all of them

“My child, you are great at heart – your loved ones and friends always knew that. They all
knew how strong you were and the love that you had to offer them. And no, they will never
forget you…Come on now, hold my hand. I’m going to take you to a place where the sorrow
and darkness do not exist.”

However, before I go I told myself, I took one last look at them all and began to say, my
time has arrived and I must go now. I love you all and it will be until we meet once again.

Good-bye …

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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Intruder of the day and night who no one
Knows its identity for which its disguise

Is invisible

Intruder who hides behind walls of the unknown
Those who know the intruder calls it,
Master of all underground

He who wishes to serve it must give
Their soul, for they will worship its evilness
Be aware of the intruder, because it will find
You and make you his next victim – a prisoner

The intruder can see every move you make
No one can escape
The intruder knows the world quite well
It also has a world of its own

You may run but you can not hide from the
Intruder and its soldiers.

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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A goodbye kiss

I began to hold her against my heart
while we stood underneath the cold
rain- I can’t believe that this would
be our last day together

My heart has falling deeply in love with
a girl who I just met

Life could be cruel sometimes I thought
to myself while my tears began to get
confuse with the rain – I said a little
prayer: Lord would I lose her forever?

Now I take one last look at her bright
brown eyes and while giving her one last
goodbye kiss, I whisper to her: I would
keep you deep inside my heart – I promise

*This poem I wrote was written by a guy perspective.*

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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Light -vs- Dark

You entered my life when I least
expected, and while I lived
In the light, your soul was
Wondering lost in the dark

We lived two different lives,
but expected the same out of it
You had given up, while I just
continue on with my hopes
Being so different but yet so alike
our souls united that night

Our love was like no other – it was
unique in its own way
But one day a dark cloud rolled in
and without giving it any importance
We both continue on living our life
together – until it shrugged our
love with tragedy

The cards have changed now,
I’m the one going into darkness
While you walked into the light
Not being able to be the same,
we went out our separated life
Wondering what’s going to happen
next – if destiny is going to play
A roll in our life’s once again or
if it has reached the end…

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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