Before I go

There I am alone inside my room laying on the bed
I close my eyes and start to feel my body getting weaker and there I was, looking down on
my own body gasping for air
Oh, my…
I’m dying slowly and nobody knows that I will be leaving their life’s this February night

Jesus, blow into my lungs another breath of life before
I go to let my family and friends how much I love them
That I’d waited for them in heaven’s loving light and there’s no need for them to cry
after I am gone, for I will be with you and the memories of me will stay with all of them

“My child, you are great at heart – your loved ones and friends always knew that. They all
knew how strong you were and the love that you had to offer them. And no, they will never
forget you…Come on now, hold my hand. I’m going to take you to a place where the sorrow
and darkness do not exist.”

However, before I go I told myself, I took one last look at them all and began to say, my
time has arrived and I must go now. I love you all and it will be until we meet once again.

Good-bye …

Author: Wilnelia Vega

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