A wife & mother of two adorable / energetic boys, a godly daughter who loves and worships the Lord. A warmhearted person who enjoy natures’ beauty in all its seasons, while searching her inspiration and creativity writing poetry or simply being crafty with her yarn & hook.

She’s been writing poems at a young age. It has been a way of releasing all kind of tied emotions she felt deep inside.

Poetry has been the way of expressing her feelings and thoughts when these are hard to do so out loud.

Her poems are based on spiritual life , love , sorrow , and  friendship. Life circumstance has played a big part helping her to continue on writing during the years. 

All of her poems have been shared on many different poetry sites with the idea to reach readers who still have the love and passion for poetry.

So, don’t be surprise if you come across one of her poems! 

Poetic Mama was created with the idea of sharing all of her posted poems shared in one single place, and what better way then doing so within her own blog.

May you enjoy reading her poems.